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When my wife volunteered me to drive the church van I was surprised but when I met Pastor Leland and noticed a sizable bulge in his pants I kind of figured it out.
After he greeted us "Ladies" we pulled out for a run to a pick up supplies for the church.
Once my wife had him in the back of the van he didn't stand a chance. His one concern was me but my wife assured him that I didn't mind.
"Don't worry about Kaaren" she said "maybe you can have her next."
"Lord be praised." he said and they were at it.

I had to pee so badly that I pulled over and just stepped to the side of the van, the pastor peeped out as I was going and I heard him exclaim, "Good God, get thee behind me Satan cause I'm gonna get me some of that hot sissy ass as soon as I'm hard again!"

It was his personal second cumming!!!

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