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Sissy School - Breast Worship 101

Now girls, please settle down. As sissies you will be expected to provide pleasure to your Mistress as well as your Master. In this class you will learn to show your Mistress her proper respect as you worship and stimulate her breasts.
Now many of you have already begun to develop so let's begin with a practical demonstration. Sissy Kaaren if you'll join me.
Now you may wonder why I'm taking off my dress, a proper sissy provides maximum stimulation for her Mistress and that includes visual stimulation.
The best rule of thumb for you sissies to follow is if it feels good for you then your Mistress will probably enjoy it also! Use your tongue on the nipple and always make sure to use your hands if they're not restrained. Take your cues from her response. As you can see, Sissy Kaaren here seems to love having me lick just the tip of her nipples. Every woman is different and we will study various techniques this semester. Please find a study partner and practice some of the examples in chapter 1 of your textbooks, class is dismissed.
Sissy Kaaren please stay for a few moments I'd like to .....um...talk to you .......

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