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Sissy School - 1962 Alumni Stories

"Oh my god, Sandy is that you?"
"Tammy? Jan? oh god it's so good to see you girls again!"
The sissies sat and had drinks as they relived old times. They drifted into a discussion of fashion which provoked many laughs.
"Oh my god," Jan laughed "do you remember the giant panties....we thought they were so sexy then!"
"They were only sexy for the 2 minutes it took a boy to get you to drop them!" said Sandy.
They laughed.
"Too true," said Jan, "but if I recall correctly the only reason you kept your panties on was because you were so busy sucking boys cocks they never had time to get to them!"
"Now behave you two," said Tammy, "or I'll have to see if the dean is interested in spanking some naughty girls!"
"If he does at least he won't find gigantic panties under my skirt!" exclaimed Jan.
"Or mine," agreed Tammy.
"Why don't we go up to my room and we can compare who's wearing the sexiest panties?" asked Sandy.
The other two grinned. Sandy hadn't changed at all after all these years!

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