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I Didn't Realize At First

When i pulled up to the parking valet I didn't realize at first who was working there. The first indication I got was when her door opened and a deep voice said "Hello baby."
A large black hand took her hand and helped her from the car and as I watched his other hand went up the back of her skirt causing her to squirm and giggle.
When I got out of the car I recognized him as her date from several weeks ago. He grinned at me as he slid behind the wheel of my car.
"Let me park this for you Sissy."
As we waited for our table to be ready I saw him come in, he motioned to my wife and without a glance in my direction she went to talk to him. I saw some shrugging and heard some whispers but nothing I could make out.
When she came back to me she told me to go and talk to him, he had something important to tell me.
He was grinning at me as I approached and when I reached him he showed me the key!
'Ten minutes sissy, meet me in ten minutes in the ladies room on the left. It says it's out of order. Ten minutes or I flush the key down the toilet.
My wife smiled as I returned to her side, she apologetically said that if she wasn't having her period she would gladly take my place.
When I got to the bathroom door he was waiting.
"You probably wearing something girly under that suit right?"
I nodded.
"Strip that shit off bitch, I need to fuck your hot sissy ass!"
With every article of male clothing I took off the submissive sissy side of me took over. He had filled his hand with soap to use as lube and as he entered me I became, for a short time, a woman.

After he escorted me back to  my wife and handed her the key she watched with much amusement as I gingerly sat down to join her at the table,
"You are such a slut Kaaren....but I'm glad you're my slut. When we get home you can tell me all about it....

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