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Flight Delay

"Mmmmm that was nice!"
"Oh yeah Kaaren that was really really....nice" she said with a giggle.
"I like feeling your hot cum inside me, I loved when you bent me over and took me like that. I can't believe I hit the throttle. Thank god the brakes were on!"
"Oh yes sweetie, imagine what the black box recorder would have sounded like if that had gone wrong!"
"Well missy I believe it was you that hit the emergency beacon by acident."
"With the way your tongue was teasing me it was an emergency!"
They dissolved into giggles.
"So Lee how late are we?"
"We're an hour behind now Kaaren, the passengers are getting restless."
"I'm getting restless again too baby."
"God Kaaren you're insatiable!"
"Only where you're concerned baby!"
As she reached for her Captain, Kaaren picked up the PA system, "We're sorry but due to an equipment problem we'll be delayed for a half hour...."
"Make it an hour," gasped the Captain whose sissy clit was being stroked by her co-pilot.
"MMMM correction we'll be delayed about an hour due to an equipment problem, the Captain is having a problem controlling her stick. We're sorry for the inconvnience."

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