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Fantasy Fulfilled

I had always fantasized about having 2 men at one time....

I was reading and watching TV while the electrician installed the new light fixture. I was watching him from the corner of my eye and it looked like he had a respectable bulge in his pants. It really isn't hard to talk a man into letting you suck his big hard cock!
I had forgotten his young black assistant until I felt his hard cock poised at the entrance to my boy pussy...

He wasn't gentle when he pushed in to me! I was suddenly full of hard black cock! There was pain as I felt like he was splitting me in two! I had forgotten all about the cock in front of me, all I could think about was the cock behind me

Slowly as he settled into a rhythm I began to relax and enjoy it. His cock was still so big and filled me so much, but my other friend deserved some attention too. I tried to concentrate enough to take him back in my mouth....

I felt his cock fucking me so nicely now! My nerve endings were on fire, pleasure had replaced pain...

Finally I had control, I had to have that cock in my mouth! As the other pounded my ass this one filled my mouth! I had never been so filled! Cocks were filling me completely, I loved it!!!!

It wasn't long after that I felt him thrust deep into my ass and fill me with his hot cum. The man in my mouth soon followed.

  They left me lying there like a used up whore.....but I was a really happy used up whore! I couldn't wait to tell my wife all about it!

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