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Bad Habit of my Husband

My Husband is working in Gulf and I in India now. He went to Gulf last year only. I feel telling u this story for fun and don't take it seriously because i don't want to make problems u know. (But true story). Don't use my email or phone or any to contact me also please.

Husband told me he don't mind if i do some flirting with his friends (in our honeymoon days). He started telling me about sex adventures while we do sex. He like me wear sexy dresses and take me to show cabaret when we visit Delhi with his friends. I know some classical dances and he and his friends use to come home to drink together and they insist me also drink and show dance like we saw in cabaret.

i also started drinking slowly and learn some moves of cabaret through Internet. Later his friends start coming almost daily evening and bring drinks and food and we play cards together and when we all drink, Hus tell me to show my dance to them and they also enjoy and if i show more then that night Hus do good sex. several times he kiss and did some hot massage in front of them.

some days he act (i dint know whether original or not) sleep while i dance and his friends tell me to show more and if i m in mood i show and make them crazy.

once Hus went to Bombay to arrange visa and 2 of his friends came without knowing that. as usual we played cards and drink and they force me to drink with them. then one man said that today we need to watch u full and show us the nude dance.

i was little drunk and while dance as usual, they got up and removed my dress slowly without my consent. one man really want to do sex with me also but the other one stopped him.

after Hus came home, we all know he will go to gulf soon and they party almost daily and Hus also was hot. One day Hus told me he want to watch a man massage me full nude.

I hate that idea first but later i said, i don't mind if it is a stranger and not our near dear ones. He agreed and arranged a man from a bar (when he went to a bar, he chat with this man and he agreed and he was staying in that hotel). Hus took me to his room. that man suddenly told me that - your good husband give me you today night to use u as much as i want and laughed. I was embarrassed but smiled. then we drink together and while drinking, that man came near me and catch me from behind and said - u r really a chick and i will show Ur Hus how to use u properly. saying this he rub over my chest and belly and said -umm good structure. I moved but Hus told me just allow him to massage me.

after drinks Hus asked him whether he should remove my dress for massage or not. He said no no, this girl is my property now and don't touch her until i finish with her and u can just watch, thats all. then i said i want to go home and i feel this is dangerous. ( because he may do sex in-front of Hus i thought), then he hug me tightly and said don't worry dear, i wont do any sex, only to teach him how to massage thats all. then i agree and he told Hus to sit near us on the bed and don't touch my body at any provocation. Hus agreed.

he then told me to remove Saree because i pinned some areas of the Saree and told me to remove the hair clips and free the full hair.

when i didn't remove Saree myself, Hus came and hold the Saree end. then he said don't do that, let her do it and if she don't, then i will make her do it. I thought why this man is so harsh and if anything goes wrong, he is stronger than Hus and he can do something bad to Hus and me.

I was little afraid also and he noticed it. He went near Hus and hold his face tightly and said - you honey is hot but very much afraid, tell her she should be afraid of me because i m a strong man and not like u (but he smiled at him and said don't worry ya and just enjoy watching) and then came to me and said (believe me and i wont hurt u but i know both of u and me also enjoy). then he gave me one more peg to drink and did a full body massage (no space available i think). H removed my dress very slowly and show my Hus how to suck nipples and pussy and Hus said pls don't do too much but he didn't mind. and made me mad and even tell me to catch his dick in-front of Hus. but he was a gentleman and dint Hus us and Now my Hus is in gulf and i don't have any such chances. yahoo id i don't mind - but don't try to contact me directly ok. KM

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