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A Meeting

I was wading in the water when I heard a splash nearby. I turned and found myself staring at her. I felt my uncaged clit grow so much larger than it ever had before as I watched hers grow to equal dimensions.
"Hello Kaaren," she said in a soft sexy voice, "I'm so glad to meet you in person at last!"
"Oh my god, it's you. I have wanted you so much for so long and here you are, it's a dream come true!"
"Come here you sweet Sissy, come here and we can make sweet love all day and all night."

I moved toward her but the tide seemed to push me away. The harder I tried the further away it pushed me. I saw her smile fade and she waved to me as I moved further and further away no matter how hard I struggled until in frustration I yelled "No, please!!!!"

I guess it was my shouting that woke me, I had my pillow between my legs and all I could think of was how close I had come and the beauty that I had seen! Dreaming again....sigh....

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